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RETREAT™ Tea Towels & dishcloths

Retreat Deluxe Weight Discloths Cotton Thick Retreat Tea Towels Cotton

These waffle-weave towels are built to last, and this design comes in many colours. Will withstand multiple uses and washes.




tea towels

EXPRES™ Mid Weight Dishcloths

Expres Mid Weight Discloths Cotton

The classic waffle-weave dishcloth built for heavy-duty use. This dishcloth is small and lightweight and comes in various colours. 100% cotton.


RETREAT™ Barmops

Retreat Heavy Weight Barmops

heavy weight cotton barmop

Made with 100% cotton, available in white with 1/2" solid stripe. Solid terry, 28 ounces/dozen.

mid weight cotton barmop

The Retreat barmops are the classic kitchen favourites. Built to take on the challenges of the busy back-end in any restaurant.

heavy weight cotton barmop

SAHARA™ Micro Fibre Towel

Sahara Micro Fibre Towel High Retention

Made with a unique patented endless fibre technology, this towel delivers high dirt retention and extremely low linting. This also allows the cloth to glide easily with minimum friction allowing for high speed cleaning. This cloth has a high resistance to chemicals and can be used dry or damp for best results.



Glass Towels

Glass Towels Cotton Lint Free

Made from 100% cotton, with a white background and pink & green pencil stripes. Flat weave, completely lint free. These towels are an industry favourite in commercial kitchens.



heavy duty bib apron

Bib Apron Polyester

Spun Polyester with nylon tubular ties. No Pockets. Durable to withstand the test of any kitchen, and simply wash out the day at night.

SAHARA™ aprons

Bistro Apron

100% Spun Polyester. includes nylon tubular ties for strength and durability. Thanks to the three (3) pockets included on the design, there's no need to remember where you placed your paring knife or pens; simply check your pockets.

available in these colours:

Red Sample apron Black Sample apron

Maroon Sample apron Green Sample apron

SAHARA™ waiter's apron

Waiter's Apron

100% Spun Polyester. Practical waiter's apron to keep anything a server needs. 3 front pockets and ties in the back. Available in black only.