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Serving camps, housing associations, universities, colleges, and government services across Canada. Eden is a 75 year old company providing superior customer service and quality assurance to all of its clients. We use manufacturers from all over the world to find just the right solution for your industry's needs. 

Eden provides a range of products for housing services that are not only economical, but will stand up to the repeated usage and washings that terry and linen go through. 


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Expres Dish Towels
Starting at 4.80 5.56 5.5600000000000005 CAD / DZ
Retreat Glass Towels
12.46 14.66 14.66 CAD / DZ
Retreat Bar Mops
Starting at 8.25 9.56 9.56 CAD / DZ
Sahara Microfiber Towels
9.10 13.00 13.0 CAD / DZ
Retreat Microfiber Towels
Starting at 7.35 10.50 10.5 CAD / DZ