About Eden Textile

The Land of Material Comfort

Eden Textile, formerly Mathew & Co., was founded in 1946 in Edmonton, Alberta. The Mathew family sold a variety of product lines that also included toys and notions. Summit Corporation purchased the company in 2000 and re-branded the company as Eden Textile in 2005. Today, Eden is a multifaceted leader and information resource providing bed, bath and window products to the Hospitality, Healthcare, Housing Services, Food & Beverage and Health & Beauty industries.

We understand our customer's needs and ensure that Eden's superior range of high quality products provide the best value and optimum comfort at the right price, with the latest and greatest design trends in mind.

A Place Where You Can Really Get Comfortable

Eden has a special place in the North American textile industry. It is home to employees who make our company imaginative and innovative, where fairness and friendship are part of the job. A place where clients are treated like family and everyone pulls together to make the extraordinary happen every day. That's what makes us special.

Eden is... selective

We want to ensure that our customers get the best product. So when Eden chooses fabrics to add to the line, we are very picky. Our fabrics must be; classic, rich and distinct as well as versatile, durable and dependable. Our selection of commercial quality, trend setting designs and colour palettes allows you to turn vision into reality.

Trusted Partners

Eden is a Canadian company that has been supplying and supporting the hospitality industry for over 65 years. We are dedicated to developing and maintaining solid relationships so we continue to surprise our client with sustained quality of product and service. Clients put their faith in our company today because they know Eden will continue to deliver tomorrow and the day after that. In fact, delivery has become a seamless endeavor anywhere on the continent and it has been that way for years. You only get that from one who is as committed to your success as you are.