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SAHARA™ Reusable Underpads

The sahara™ is our strongest underpad ever. Made from heavy duty vinyl barriers that are bonded to an extra-heavy 8 oz middle soaker for increased absorbency.

SAHARA™ repositioning Sheets

Make your patient feel comfortable and secure with our repositioning sheets. They're made from a thin, light-weight cotton/polyester twill that provides a quality surface to reduce skin shearing. The ample size allows for safer repositioning for both the patient and staff.

Reusable Underpads

SAHARA™ Drawsheets

Sahara Drawsheets

A twill drawsheet made of a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, available in white. This extra large drawsheet makes moving patients a snap.

Sof-Knit™ Sheets

Soft Knit Sheets Stretching Jersey

A unique hospital and extended care facility sheet made from stretched knitted jersey. These sheets are like a T-shirt for your mattress! They fit snugly and stretch to all dimensions of hospital and twin mattresses. The jersey knit provides enhanced patient comfort with softness, absorbency and thermal properties. The bottom sheet fits like a conventional fitted sheet with a contour pocket all around.



SAHARA™ disposable underpads

Sahara Disposable Underpads Absorbent

Highly absorbent, thermally-bonded core with forced air polymers. Your mattress is safe under these!

Tucks : 28" x 60" and folds under mattress
Deluxe: 23" x 36"